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Dris, Rachid; Gasperi, Johnny; Rocher, Vincent; Tassin, Bruno

Synthetic and non-synthetic anthropogenic fibers in a river under the impact of Paris Megacity: Sampling methodological aspects and flux estimations Journal Article

In: Science of the Total Environment , no. 618, pp. 157–164, 2018.

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Dris, Rachid; Gasperi, Johnny; Mirande, Cécile; Mandin, Corinne; Guerrouache, Mohamed; Langlois, Valérie; Tassin, Bruno

A first overview of textile fibers, including microplastics, in indoor and outdoor environments Journal Article

In: Environmental Pollution, no. 221, pp. 453–458, 2017.

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Dris, Rachid; Gasperi, Johnny; Saad, Mohamed; Mirande, Cécile; Tassin, Bruno

Synthetic fibers in atmospheric fallout: A source of microplastics in the environment? Journal Article

In: Marine Pollution Bulletin, no. 104, pp. 290–293, 2016.

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