Development of a jet pump based sampling system for freshwaters

Author: Gabór Bordos, Balazs Kriszt, Zoltan Palotai and Sandor Szoboszlay
Year of Publication: 2018
Published: MICRO 2018. Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and Solutions.

Freshwater studies have mainly been adopting sampling methods from marine research, thus the most commonly used tool is the plankton or manta net, usually with a mesh size of 300 µm or 333 µm. There are certain conditions when application of these sampling systems is com- plicated onsmaller freshwater bodies. Also, the filtered water volume is not obviously defined (due to clogging) even if a flow meter is used. To avoid these difficulties, another sampling approach is needed. Thetechnique using a pump and a set of filters is more common during wastewater sampling than inlakes or rivers. Until now, only a few studies have presented sampling systems that were based on asubmersible or a jet pump, including stainless steel filters. We developed a mobile sampling system that has many benefits when it is applied in inland freshwaters. The size of the complete apparatus enables sampling from a smaller boat or from the shore as well. A jet pump is operated by an aggregator. A PVC hose with a brass foot valve including a 2 mm mesh size strainer is put right under the water surface and is connected to thepump. Water is filtered through a set of 10” stainless steel filter cartridges (variable mesh size) instainless steel housing. Water quantity is measured by a flowmeter precisely. To prevent clogging of the fine mesh size filter (60 im), we coupled two cartridges and put in a 300 im pre-filter. This system enables sampling of more than 2.000 L water even if the Secchi depth is no more than 10 cm (e.g. due to flood or plankton). Project no. KFI 16-1-2017-0477 has been implemented with the support provided by the Na- tional Research, Development and Innovation Fund of Hungary, financed under the ”Vallalati KFI 16” funding scheme.

Microplastic, Freshwater, Jet pump, Sampling

Bordós, G., Kriszt, B., Palotai, Z., Szoboszlay, S. (2018): Development of a jet pump based sampling system for freshwaters. pp. 33-34. in Baztan J., Bergmann M., Carrasco A., Fossi C., Jorgensen B., Miguelez A., Pahl S., Thompson R.C., Vanderlinden J-P. (eds.) 2018, MICRO 2018. Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and Solutions. P. 33-34. MSFS-RBLZ. ISBN 978-84-09-06477-9. CC-BY-NC-SA.