Assessment of floating plastic debris in surface water along the Seine River

Author: Johnny Gasperi, Rachid Dris, Tiffany Bonin, Vincent Rocher and Bruno Tassin
Year of Publication: 2014
Published: Environmental Pollution 195:163–166.

This study is intended to examine the quality and quantity of floating plastic debris in the River Seine through use of an extensive regional network of floating debris-retention booms; it is one of the first attempts to provide reliable information on such debris at a large regional scale. Plastic debris represented between 0.8% and 5.1% of total debris collected by weight. A significant proportion consisted of food wrappers/containers and plastic cutlery, probably originating from voluntary or involuntary dumping, urban discharges and surface runoff. Most plastic items are made of polypropylene, polyethylene and, to a lesser extent, polyethylene terephthalate. By extrapolation, some 27 tons of floating plastic debris are intercepted annually by this network; corresponding to 2.3 g per Parisian inhabitant per year. Such data could serve to provide a first evaluation of floating plastic inputs conveyed by rivers.

Floating plastic litter, Plastic loads, River, Riverine litter

Gasperi, J., Dris, R., Bonin, T.l., Rocher, V., Tassin, B., 2014. Assessment of floating plastic debris in surface water along the Seine River. Environmental Pollution 195:163–166.