Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (funded by UKWIR)

Project name:
Sink to River – River to Tap A review of potential risks from nanoparticles and microplastics

Project description:
The objectives of this projects are to establish what is known and to provide empirical evidence on plastic and microplastic particles entering and leaving UK water and wastewater works in addition to identifying whether the fate of microplastics are influenced by different treatment practices. The study will provide an up to date review on what is known around the world on MPs in potable water and wastewater.  In addition, through an intensive programme of field work and analysis, it will represent the most comprehensive study yet carried out on the fate of MPs both in drinking water and wastewater treatment.  The information will establish the position of the Water Industry with respect to the challenge of MPs entering and leaving WTW and WwTW plants in the UK.  It will search for evidence of certain treatments being more efficacious than others.

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology