Roskilde University, Denmark

Project name:
Plastfri Roskilde fjord

Project description:
The project is a 3 year project funded by the Danish Velux foundation. It includes partners from academia, NGOs and industry. The aim of the project is to assess sources of plastic pollution, environmental concentrations, impact on environment and related ecosystem services and possible mitigation efforts (both technical and political). We furthermore work with local citizens in several different citizen science activities.

Other focus areas:
Apart from the external fundend project above we work with a number of topics related to plastic pollution. These include: Vector effects of plastics and other contaminants, direct effects of microplastic, effects of nanoplastics, Monitoring studies (marine, freshwater and soil), reduction in plastic consumption, regulation of plastic pollution and application of citizen science relatd to plastic pollution.

We currently have 10-15 published papers on plastic pollution in our group (including those linked to under the Roskilde Fjord project)